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    Survey: What skills do your employees need?

    Can you play a part in helping to identify the skills needed for the UK automotive industry? Take part in the Automotive Industrial Partnership survey now before it closes at the end of July…

    Manufacturers and suppliers, through the Automotive Industrial Partnership, are working together to identify and meet the skills needs for their current and future workforces. One of the AIP’s current priorities is conducting in-depth research to identify where skills shortages exist in the sector now or where they could develop in the future.

    The findings will be used to help determine where, when and how future skills investment is prioritised. In turn, this will inform the development of new employer-led learning and development solutions the whole industry will benefit from.

    Employers can complete the survey online until the end of July, or arrange a face-to-face interview with a researcher.

    To take part in the survey, go to or email

    European Regional Development Fund Northern Powerhouse
    Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham