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    The Transport Innovation Programme (North West) – Survey

    Delivering growth for the economy is dependent upon significantly improving the ability to transport goods and people efficiently and more effectively. By attracting emergent technologies and driving collaboration across different sectors, there is a real opportunity to provide the required improvements in a sustainable manner. This programme seeks to achieve this for the North West region (Greater Manchester, Warrington and Liverpool City Region).

    It is our vision that by 2030, the North West Region will be recognised globally for its world class multimodal transport, infrastructure and logistics network.  Acting as a global exemplar, we will develop a scalable methodology for implementing a sustainable connected transport network that supports economic social and environmental needs.

    A capture team – The Transport Innovation Programme (North West) – has been formed using representatives from Innovate UK, the KTN and the Catapult Network to prepare a detailed investment case for this high impact programme. The team, supported by the Transport Authorities in the region, is conducting a six-month exercise, to March 2017, to engage stakeholders, conduct market analysis, prepare feasibility assessments, plan and cost multiple projects and develop the final business case. The output of this project will be a programme investment case and delivery plan that is ready for phased implementation.

    Please support us in building this investment case by completing the survey below which will take approximately 10 minutes. Even if you are not in this region, your views and opinions are valued as an expert in this field. Click here for the survey:

    The Transport Innovation Programme (North West) Team

    Please send queries to

    European Regional Development Fund Northern Powerhouse
    Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham