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    What has the NAA done for us? by Steven Schofield, Electron Technical Solutions

    Steven Schofield, Managing Director, Electron Technical Solutions Ltd, explains how the NAA ‘inspires’ companies to develop themselves…

    Electron Technical Solutions Ltd, one of the UK’s leading painters of plastics components, has worked with the NAA to carry out projects for the company, and Electron has also won NAA awards.

    Steven Schofield, Managing Director, explains what the NAA has done for Electron: “The NAA brings businesses large and small, well known and not so well known, together to share every aspect of business life. It inspires you through funding for projects, which drives your business forward. It inspires by bringing you together at networking events showing you what others do and how they do it. It even inspires you by twisting your arm into hosting a network event and being quizzed by other members on how and why you do what you do. Being part of the NAA is an inspiration to all members and helps you to move your own business forward. We wouldn’t be where we are today with their support.”

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