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    NAA Update: Help us to share our success and the current state of the industry with the new government

    Please complete our quick survey about your business so we can maximise the impact for the automotive industry within the ‘Northern Powerhouse’, also there is £60m of new APC funding available, we can help you pull a consortium together and work with you on the bid application

    Like most people I was surprised with the fact that we had an immediate election result and thought that like last time it may take some time before we knew what was happening. Today while travelling I also heard an increased presence and commitment to the ‘Northern Powerhouse’; we at NAA are certainly working hard to ensure that we can maximise the impact for the automotive industry within the ‘Northern Powerhouse’. But you need to help us do that, we need to share our success and current state of the industry with those who are now in power and there are certain areas where we need your help so please complete our quick survey when you receive it or use the Survey Link to go directly to it. The information such as % change in turnover so far this year, number of jobs created and % of product exported will all get consolidated, but we really do need this level of evidence to support our industry with the new incumbents!

    I hope that you have all purchased your tickets for CPOP this year, I am keeping my fingers crossed that we are blessed with the same weather as last year, I have no doubt that our speakers will be as informative and entertaining as last year and with a much larger space and more attendees anticipated, it should be a good meeting.

    Our next meeting after CPOP will be our Awards Workshop, again hosted and sponsored by Morson. It will be on 2 July and there will be two options for attendance; either in person at Adamson House in Eccles or via a webinar.  Those who attended last year found it very beneficial and it certainly assisted them in submitting winning applications! So if you want to give yourself maximum opportunity to win one of the Awards at the NAA Dinner this year, then come and find out the tricks and tips of the trade for submitting a winning application. Please see more information in the article below and register your attendance.  Please register Via Eventbrite booking link  Event is available to attend in person or via the webinar.

    That brings us neatly onto the Awards themselves. Have a read in the separate article below of the experience of Sigmatex and Vauxhall, who won the Festo Community Outreach Award in 2014, to hear their feedback on the impact of winning the Award. We will be launching the Awards entry process next month, but now is the time to start thinking about what you have done in the last twelve months that you are proud of and would like wider recognition for – the winners enjoy free publicity to a very wide audience.

    The funding competition for APC4 has opened, so now is the time to get busy thinking about an application. We are working with APC to encourage applications from both SMEs and the large companies in the North West and we can help you pull the consortium together and also work with you on the bid application. Even if you don’t think you will be ready in time for this application, now is still the right time to start preparing for APC5 which will be with us sooner than you think in November. Similarly if you don’t think that APC competitions are the right way for you, then how about the Niche Vehicle Network, now is the time to be making your submission for the 2015 competition and please contact Carol if you need any further information


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