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    NAA Update: You are invited to become a member of the NAA; Annual Dinner; SMMT Meet the Buyer event; more AMSCI funding; Employer Ownership of Skills Pilot

    If you are receiving and reading this newsletter then I invite you to become a full member of the NAA. The only way that the NAA can continue to offer all of its services is by building its membership base

    As we start to understand the implications of the reduction of funding for the Business Excellence Project, the end of funding on the Apprenticeship project and the start-up of two technical projects supporting consortia of companies, it is clear that to provide you with a continued service we need your membership monies, so if you haven’t joined the NAA, then please do so. This newsletter is packed full of the latest information of interest to NW automotive companies every month, but without increased membership, we will have to assess if items such as this newsletter continue in their current form
    Download a membership application form here:

    Annual Dinner
    One of the benefits of being a member of the NAA is the unique networking opportunities offered by events such as the Annual Dinner. We are starting to plan the 2013 event, if you are interested in becoming a sponsor then please contact Zoe ( and she will explain the range of options available to you.

    SMMT Meet the Buyer event
    It’s getting close to the SMMT Meet the Buyer event – have you registered your interest against the latest listing? Remember that there will be Tier 1 and VM buyers present on the day and as it is by invite only, you need to register – please do it now! Here’s the link:

    National Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative (AMSCI)
    Similarly the submission date is approaching for round 3 of the National Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative, please get in touch with us if you need any assistance for this round, or if you need help in preparation for round 4 (due in October). Don’t forget that those of you in Liverpool have a local version of AMSCI that has no closing date, so get your application in as soon as you can.

    Employer Ownership of Skills Pilot
    A bid was submitted for the Employer Ownership of Skills Pilot by Performance Springs Ltd with NAA identified as the delivery partner. It will be July before we hear whether we have been successful and potentially January 2014 before we start delivering the project. I would like to thank all of the companies who have supported us for the submission of the bid and we will be in touch to have more detailed discussions if we are successful in July. The bid has three prime areas:

    a) A business excellence style of competition to support your individual training needs within a company that you would normally have industry specialists deliver

    b) An annual cohort of one year engineering interns for SMEs in the region

    c) Coordination of schools liaison for companies, following up from the schools activity from within the Autohub project.

    If any of these are of interest to you and you were not part of the original list of companies that showed interest in our bid then please contact either myself or Susan Butters to be included within the next round of submissions.

    Carol Holden
    Chief Executive

    European Regional Development Fund Northern Powerhouse
    Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham