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    New Northern Automotive Alliance Membership Brochure

    The NAA has an all-new membership brochure highlighting 21 benefits of membership…

    Why should you become a member of the NAA? Take a look at our new membership brochure to find out more about these 21 compelling reasons below why you should join:

    1   Providing the focused, industry-specific support that your organisation needs
    2   Helping automotive companies grow and be more profitable
    3   Introductions to new customers
    4   Industry networking
    5   Signposting
    6   Accessing Financial Support
    7   Bringing Partners and Consortia Together
    8   Industry-specific project management
    9   Consultancy
    10 Promotion of your organisation
    11  Knowledge Transfer
    12  Sharing Best Practice
    13  Annual Dinner and Awards
    14  Event and Exhibition Support
    15  Meet The Buyer Events
    16  Regular NAA Events
    17  Promotion of the Sector
    18  Lobbying/Sector Representation
    19  Skills
    20  Industry Training
    21  Annual Consultation

    If you’re already a member of the NAA, what other companies do you know that would benefit from being a member?

    View the brochure at:


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