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    Liverpool Life Sciences University Technical College



    The first school in the UK to specialise in science and health care for students aged 14 – 19;

    Liverpool Life Sciences University Technical College (UTC) combines outstanding academic education with specialist vocational qualifications, to prepare our students for the world of work.

    With a range of amazing facilities, including lap spaces, a mock hospital suite, an engineering room, an animal care centre and many other learning spaces, we allow students to combine traditional qualifications (GCSEs and A levels) with specialist vocational qualifications such as BTECs.


    What can you offer to NAA Members

    We aim to produce students who are well-prepared for careers in technical fields and therefore ahead of the game when taking on work experience, apprenticeships and junior roles.

    Skilled Workforce: we aim to produce students who are well-equipped with practical skills and knowledge relevant to specific industries, making them potential assets to employers. Graduates often possess hands-on experience and a strong foundation in technical subjects, making them valuable candidates for various roles.

    Industry-Relevant Curriculum: We collaborate closely with local industries to develop curricula that align with industry needs. This means that students are exposed to the latest trends, technologies, and practices in their chosen fields, making them well-prepared to contribute effectively upon entering the workforce.

    Workplace Readiness: We emphasise employability skills such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and adaptability. This helps students develop the soft skills necessary to succeed in the professional world, making them attractive candidates for employers looking for well-rounded employees.

    Tailored Training:  We are able to provide tailored training programs to meet the specific needs of employers. This might involve custom-designed courses, workshops, or certifications that directly address the skills and knowledge required for certain roles within a particular industry.

    Problem-Solving Abilities:  Students are encouraged to think critically and solve real-world problems related to their chosen fields. This means they may enter the workforce with a demonstrated ability to analyse challenges and develop innovative solutions, which can be highly valuable to employers.

    Diversity of Disciplines:  We cover a range of technical disciplines, from engineering and technology to health sciences and creative industries. This diversity means that employers can find candidates with specialised skills in various sectors.

    Continuous Learning:  We emphasise the importance of lifelong learning and staying up-to-date with evolving technologies and practices. This can benefit employers, as graduates are more likely to adapt to changes in their industries and seek opportunities for professional growth.


    In summary, the Liverpool Life Sciences UTC can offer employers a pool of technically skilled, work-ready candidates who possess a combination of practical skills, industry-specific knowledge, and a strong work ethic. These graduates can potentially contribute to the success and growth of companies in various technical fields.


    Contact Details 

    Name: Corinne Gerrard




    Name: Dan Howard


    European Regional Development Fund Northern Powerhouse
    Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham