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PPI Adhesive Products Ltd

PPI was established in Ireland in 1970 and commenced production on Waterford Industrial Estate in 1971. It produces a very extensive and sophisticated range of Technical Adhesive Tapes, Laminates and Die-Cuts for a wide range of applications, as well as a wide range of tapes for specialised industrial and high-tech applications.  One of its main strengths is its ability to produce customised tapes and die-cut pieces to individual customer specifications, including small quantities for short runs, etc.

PPI is active in all 6 Continents, in over 52 countries worldwide with approx. 180 employees


  • Automotive

Including Seal Adhesive Tapes for Airbag Inflators

Heated Windscreen Bus bars and Finger Lifts

Tyre Identification Labels

Protective Films for Chromed Parts

Identification Labels for High Temperature Engine Parts

Bespoke Die Cuts & Laminates


  • Aerospace

Including industry Recognised HVOF and Plasma Spray Masking Tapes & Die Cuts


  • Powder Coating Masking


  • Battery Production

Including Thermally Conductive Adhesive Tapes & Die Cuts

Thin Metal Laminates

Double-Sided Adhesive Tapes


  • Electronics & Electrical

Including PCB Masking & Transformer Applications

Copper & Aluminium Foils and Laminates for Various Applications

Shielding Tapes & Die Cuts

Various Temperature Ranges up to 180ᵒC

UL Recognised and Military Specification


  • Medical Industry


  • Chemical Industry


  • Electrical Installation

Low Tack Tapes for Spiral Winding of Cables


  • Thermal Management


  • LED Lighting Manufacture

Including Thermally Conductive Tapes & Die Cuts


  • Photovoltaic Industry


PPI Adhesive Products are customer focused, global manufacturing experts that utilise an innovative R&D department to provide quality, reliable, bespoke and flexible solutions for applications that require Technical Adhesive Tapes, Die Cuts & Laminates

PPI Adhesive Products are open to discussions with other members with regard to collaboration with Automotive projects that could utilise our products

Our unique offering is designing, manufacturing and supplying bespoke Technical Tape solutions that are developed in partnership with our customers

PPI Adhesive Products currently have projects on-going with several Automotive OEMs and we are additionally engaging with Battery Manufacturers that are focusing on EV and the re-conditioning markets



Tony Fisher

UK Sales Manager (North England, Wales & Scotland)

Mobile: 07468 569 595

Telephone: 01942 672299



Adam Kidgell

UK Sales Manager (South England)

Mobile: 07561 700 905


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Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham