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    University of Salford

    Company Name:
    The University of Salford

    Where are you based?
    Salford, Greater Manchester

    What do you do?
    Higher Education (Undergraduate & Postgraduate), Degree Apprenticeships, Industry-focused research & development, Knowledge Transfer Programmes, and Consultancy

    What markets are you in?
    Education, Research, and Consultancy

    What can you offer to NAA members?
    Strong talent pipeline. Industry-focused research & innovation. Research, testing, and development in Acoustics (including NVH), Robotics, Automation & Autonomous Systems, Data Science, Media, VR/AR/MR.

    How would like to work with members?
    The University of Salford is keen to develop mutually beneficial engagements and partnerships focused on delivering innovation and productivity through collaboration and provide NAA members with a strong talent pipeline of graduates/apprentices.

    What is your unique offer?
    Industry focused – research informed approach. The University of Salford is recognised for its industry focus, engagement and leadership in areas such as Acoustics (including NVH), Mechanical & Electronics Engineering, telecoms, robotics – automation – and autonomous systems, data science, media, VR/AR/MR, and business transformation.

    Have you got any examples of work you would like to share?
    Project Synergy

    Contact details:
    Who: Mike Brown

    European Regional Development Fund Northern Powerhouse
    Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham