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    Preston Technical

    Preston Technical is one of the foremost manufacturers of industrial consumable products in the UK. From a 14,000 square foot facility located in Preston, the company supplies bespoke shapes, sizes, and material combinations of products as diverse as self-adhesive tape to coated abrasives. The entire focus is providing innovative solutions to customer product and process problems with an enviable reputation for quality of product and service delivery.

    Preston Technical are deep rooted in the supply chain of the UK Automotive industry with a specialised knowledge in the conversion of self-adhesive tape products for use within automotive component design.

    We work in a broad spectrum of market segments, such as Automotive Components, Aerospace, Electronic Products, Display and Signage and FMCG Products to name a few.

    We can assist other NAA members by having a wide and comprehensive knowledge of industrial product manufacturing and in particular the self-adhesive tape market segment where we can deliver best in class design and manufacturing of die cut parts which can be assimilated into the building of vehicles and vehicle components.

    Preston Technical are passionate about their Mission which helps to make British industry lead the way by providing cutting edge solutions. We do this by utilising an expansive array of product converting equipment to convert a vast range of materials and substrates to meet specific customer requirements in bespoke sizes or material combinations.

    Of particular note we are proud to hold Preferred Converter status with 3M in the UK – as one of our key product suppliers.

    We can assist NAA members by helping to enhance design of their products or by working with them to improve manufacturing processes by the use of self-adhesive tape technology which can aid automation in the assembly of components, reduce weight and improve quality and productivity.

    We find that we work best when involved at the earliest stage of design concept where we can deliver the maximum impact or by visiting a client’s manufacturing assembly line to suggest ways to improve or change current practices.

    Bringing new products or manufacturing process ideas to fruition is our trademark. A recent example of this was the launch of our new TabTech® product which delivers a way to dispense and apply very narrow strips of self-adhesive foam products in a precise dimension for use in automotive trim component assembly. This has transformed cycle time in the production of such parts.

    Contact Details

    Lee Parnell – Managing Director

    Tel: 01772 653356



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