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    Krempel UK

    Krempel is a leading global manufacturer of specialist materials, which includes a wide range of Composite Materials, Electrical Insulations, Mica Products and Textile Products.

    Krempel design and develop new and specialist materials and is a world leader in these technically demanding speciality markets.

    Numerous well-known names in the Electrical Industry, Plastics Engineering, Aerospace, Electronics, Automotive, Nuclear, Medical, Machinery Construction and Motor Racing are to be found world-wide amongst the group’s international customers.

    Cable Management Products

    The Automotive sector is an integral part of our operations and we continuously strive to provide our customers with the highest quality of materials needed for all highly specified and rigorous applications.

    Our trade name; ‘Vida’ is well known within the industry and in particular, the Vidaflex brand.

    VIDAFLEX insulating sleevings can either be braided or knitted using glass or polyester yarns. The fibre based sleevings are then impregnated or coated with a range of silicone elastomers or acrylic resins to provide varying thermal and electrical properties tailored to specific customer applications.

    Excellent protection against electrical, thermal and mechanical stresses is provided for cables, strands and conductors depending on the type of Vidaflex insulation sleeving used. The quality grades available for Vidaflex meet BS, IEC, ASTM and NEMA standards, several types are also CSA and UL recognised and are compliant to the directive 2011/65EU (RoHS).

    In addition to the traditional Vidaflex electrical insulating sleevings, Krempel has developed additional products to aid thermal and cable management applications.


    Over recent years, hybrid and electrical vehicles have become ever-present within the Automotive market. Krempel offer a variety of product solutions ranging from; cable management products, thermal and mechanical protection, electrical insulations and composite parts.

    You can rely on our expertise and many years of practical experience in electrical and thermal technology and pioneering materials.

    Developing for the Future

    Within our facilities, is a state of the art Research & Development Laboratory with a team of highly skilled and experienced Product Chemists and Materials Engineers. Each individual is tasked with developing new products and improving the overall processes involved.

    Our impressive range of high-tech analytical equipment is completely modernised and capable of identifying a material’s composition and technical characteristics.

    Krempel collaborates with customers very closely throughout each project and offers a complete level of service, from product selection to the aftercare.

    Composite Materials

    Krempel also offer a range of Hyperfil Resin Pre-impregnated (pre-preg) products on Carbon Fibre, Woven Glass Fabrics and other more specialist substrates. These can be applied to moulding and pressing applications to aid with light weighting and strength enhancing applications.

    For more information please visit:


    Krempel UK Ltd
    Queens Street
    PR3 3BS

    01772 783011



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