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    Founded in 2008 GMC-I PROSyS is a subsidiary of METRAWATT International Group.

    Our expertise is in the design, development and manufacture of current probes, clamp meters, handheld instruments and systems for current and voltage measurement, as well as measurement and processing of electrical parameters.

    Our sales and engineering team has a very strong technical background with 30 years of experience in sensing technologies, applications, and products. Our key markets are Automotive, Electrical Utilities, Power Quality and Test & Measurement.

    What can you offer to NAA Members?

    Within the Automotive sector we are the OEM supplier of current probes to several UK and European automotive oscilloscope and vehicle diagnostic equipment manufacturers.  We offer a range of wired and wireless robust current and voltage probes that are for use both in the garage environment and for End of Line testing at the vehicle production sites.

    We also design and manufacture AC current sensors for Power Quality markets and Utilities for use in electrical substation monitoring.

    Most of our products are customised to meet customer’s application needs.

    Our expertise is in electrical parameter measurement, and we are always happy to discuss with NAA members and advise if they have any issues or requirements in these areas.


    Contact Details

    Name:    David Marsh



    European Regional Development Fund Northern Powerhouse
    Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham