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    Product Release Europe



    Product Release Europe Ltd has been applying a range of high performance coatings for over 27 years to impart various advantageous properties to metallic substrates. Our volume business has traditionally been the food industry, however over the last 15 years we have diversified into other market sectors, including automotive. We don’t currently apply our coatings to vehicle parts. Our systems are more aligned to improving the processes other companies use to manufacture their products.


    Where are you based?

    Kirkby, Liverpool


    What do you do?

    Specialist applicators of coatings to impart release, easiclean, low friction or chemical resistant properties


    What markets are you in?

    Automotive; Pharmaceutical; Printing & Packaging; Oil & Gas; Food


    What can you offer to NAA members?

    Where companies encounter issues with friction, sticking, chemical attack in their process, our coatings can help. Examples in the automotive industry – we currently apply our Teflon type coatings to equipment such as paint booth floor gratings, paint booth wall panels, paint jigs, extraction fans, guide rails. This allows in situ cleaning to be possible and alleviates the need to physically remove these items from the booth, reducing down time, costs and H&S issues.


    How would you like to work with members?

    If other members have any issues that they feel we may be able to help with, we are more than willing to have a site visit to discuss what we can do.


    Contact Details:

    Paul Storer, MD

    Tel: 07384 147859


    European Regional Development Fund Northern Powerhouse
    Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham